Avenue is our internship program for those who want to focus a season of their life to developing their gifting or calling through experience and hands on training. We have four avenues for interns to choose from: Worship, Children/Youth, Pastoral, and Creative. A minimum of 8 hours a week must be committed to your Avenue Internship. This time will be made of assignments, projects, time with leaders, connecting with others, and more.  

Each intern receives instruction, feedback, and personal discipleship in order to cultivate their gift and discover their capabilities. Avenue is a nine-month program that focuses on definition, development, and growth. 



Applicants must:
◼ Demonstrate a spiritual maturity in Christ
◼ Have strength of character
◼ Have a teachable attitude
◼ Have a calling toward their particular avenue
◼ Be able to work on their own and accept responsibility for tasks, projects and personal work
◼ Be able to manage other aspects of life along with their Avenue commitments
◼ And be fully committed to bringing the full measure of their God given gifts and talents to serve and add value to the continuing work at The Point


◼ Training: an opportunity for hands on training and to work alongside skilled and seasoned staff and volunteers. Practical training includes problem solving and the effective management of time, resources and teams
◼ Equipping: the Avenue leader will mentor and lead through regular reviews, 1 on 1 coaching, training and personal development planning
◼ Strengthening: the Avenue will be tailored to gifting in order to define, develop and strengthen the gifts that God has put inside the intern
◼ Visionary: seeing beyond the immediate and calling out the greatness in each person
◼ Synergy: all Avenue interns will meet together to receive group training and biblical teaching


◼ A minimum of 8 hours a week must be committed to Avenue
◼ Those 8 hours exclude Sunday mornings
◼ Additional hours may be required for events


◼ Serving on a Sunday morning
◼ Every month, interns will meet with their department head(s) for a time of planning, feedback and evaluation
◼ Periodically, all Avenue interns will meet together with department heads for a time of instruction and leadership development


Interns are encouraged to participate in the many in-house spiritual growth opportunities provided at The Point. These include teaching series, Power Hour, Power Evangelism, and several other mid-week opportunities.
Tools and resources are available to Interns in order to study and grow in the Word of God. Resource packs will also be provided for additional growth in various biblical topics.


When does Avenue start?
Avenue officially begins in September. Applications may be considered outside of the September to May time frame where appropriate.

How much does Avenue cost?
There is no program fee, however, interns may be required to pay for certain costs (i.e. books, conferences, etc.)
pertaining to their particular Avenue.

How long is Avenue?
A typical internship will last for 9 months.

How do I apply?
By filling out the application. Once completing the application, you will be contacted for an interview.

Do I have to be a member of The Point to apply?
No, anyone who feels they meet the requirements may apply. We also welcome international applications.

What are the age limits?
We encourage anyone 18 and up to apply for the Avenue Internship. Whether you are in your twenties and single or forties and married, we will work to accommodate your schedule and stage of life.