Make Known is a celebration of God and His great works. Through this, we are collecting testimonies of all the awesome things that God does in our lives on a daily basis. We want to share everything that God is doing so that we can catalog and build a library of God’s mighty deeds.

To participate in Make Known, you can share what God is doing in your life in one of three ways:


◼ Twitter – use #makeknown to share your testimony

◼ In Person – turn in a Make Known slip at any of our campuses

◼ Website – Submit your testimony below…

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"Had been dealing with irritation in my eyes, but got prayer and God healed my eyes instantly."
- Jed K.


"My mom has had pain in her shoulders for as long as she can remember. I prayed for them both and the pain left right away!!"
- Colleen R.

"Prayed for a man's knee at a rest stop and he started walking around pain free without his brace!" 
- Eric H.


"Met a lady at Meijer who was in a car accident and struggled with chronic back pain since. I offered to pray for her and after, when I asked her how she felt, was very surprised to say the pain was no longer there."
- Melissa H.