LIFE Languages™ is an effective communication tool that helps you better understand how you and others communicate. Follow the instructions below to take the KLLP™ Profile, then sign up for the next LIFE Languages™ seminar near you!

To complete your online KLLP™ Profile, click the button below where you'll be prompted to login or register (new users). Be sure to remember your login to have access to your KLLP™ Profile. Your KLLP™ Profile should be taken in a quiet environment by yourself without help from others. 

At the end of the KLLP™ Profile, you will be prompted to pay $55 USD [approx. £40GBP]. After you have completed the payment, you will be emailed a copy of your KLLP™ Profile. Be sure to bring a print or digital copy along to the seminar. 

Take the KLLP™ Profile and find out what your languages are today!

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