FARM is Fast Acceleration for Radical Ministry. We want to be a part of empowering and equipping you toward your God given destiny. Our goal is to instill in you a fresh mindset about who you are and lay authentic, radical foundations in your life. You will develop a large world view through understanding Christ, His Church, His cause, and His Kingdom. Why not pray and ask God if you should be part of FARM Online for the next eight months and get equipped for radical ministry!

                       - Andrew Hughes

FARM Online is a program that instills a solid theological understanding of Christian foundations. It is for anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and be equipped with tools, resources, and information to live a life of radical ministry on this earth. Whether you feel called to minister in the marketplace or the church, this course will establish core Christian truths to walk out your calling in life.

Hear from some of our Farm Online graduates about the growth they
experienced and the impact of Farm Online in their lives!

FARM Online begins October 5 and will run for 8 months.
Applications are due September 24.

Tuition Cost

The total cost of FARM Online is $349. Payment options are available, including an installation plan of three lower payments. The cost of Farm Online does not include the 5 books for required reading.

Video Units & Assignments

There are 8 amazing units of study paired with corresponding assignments
that will grow your knowledge of God and how to study the Bible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course run for?
FARM Online will run for 8 months.

Will I need to purchase any books?
You will need to purchase 5 books before the start date of the program.
These will be used as required reading for assignments.

How do I receive the video material and assignments?
Each month you will receive an email with the unit video and it's corresponding assignment.

How much time should I expect to give towards video material and assignments?
It requires approximately 10 hours a month to watch the teachings and prepare the assignments.

Are my assignments graded?
Your assignments will be sent to your course instructor via email every month on or before its due date and will receive personal feedback via email on the work you've done.

How does FARM Online fit into my schedule?
FARM Online fits entirely around your schedule. You can watch the video material and work on assignments from the comfort of your own home and around your own schedule.

What must I do to graduate FARM Online?
In order to graduate from FARM Online, you must watch the video course material and read the required texts. Additionally, you must complete all assignments and submit them on time. Each year students whose work goes above and beyond in its depth of understanding and revelation will be recognized and graduate with honors.

I was able to delve into deep spiritual truths which I don't think I would have been able to do without a structured program.  I made the decision to set aside time to undertake this course, and I'm so glad I did!
 - Claire, United Kingdom

FARM Online enabled me to grow in understanding of God while being encouraged to spend time with Him.
- Grace, Michigan