Make Known is a celebration of God and His great works. Through this, we are collecting testimonies of all the awesome things that God does in our lives on a daily basis. We want to share everything that God is doing so that we can catalog and build a library of God’s mighty deeds.

To participate in Make Known, you can share what God is doing in your life in one of three ways:


◼ Twitter – use #makeknown to share your testimony

◼ In Person – turn in a Make Known slip at any of our campuses

◼ Website – Submit your testimony below…

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"Love God's surprises! Twice this week I have received anonymous envelopes of money. He never ceases to amaze me and is so good all the time and He always provides!"
Camille N.


"My back has been feeling off the last couple of days cause of something that happened at work. This morning I went up for prayer at church and was completely healed!"
- Eric H.


"Had been dealing with irritation in my eyes, but got prayer and God healed my eyes instantly."
- Jed K.


"My mom has had pain in her shoulders for as long as she can remember. I prayed for them both and the pain left right away!!"
- Colleen R.

"A couple of pretty cool chaps at church prayed with me that I would see provision this week. Well, it's Tuesday and I just got offered a job starting Monday that I didn't even have to interview for! My God shall supply all my needs!" 
Susan B.


"After hearing 'downsize' at work, I stood on God's faithfulness. God opened a door in a new department, including a promotion! 
- Emily W.


"I ran for the first time in several weeks, felt some pretty bad cramps, spoke healing and wellness over my body, and instantly was free of pain."
Hannah V. 


"Met a lady at Meijer who was in a car accident and struggled with chronic back pain since. I offered to pray for her and after, when I asked her how she felt, was very surprised to say the pain was no longer there."
- Melissa H.