Brand Guidelines + Communication

Brand identity is essential because it represents unity. Our brand is also important because it is how we represent ourselves visually and through our communication.

Please click the button below for an overview of our Brand Guidelines and everything you need to know for your Creative Requests!

We have three types of Creative Request Forms that anyone is able to fill out with the approval of the appropriate Leader or Department Head.

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Creative Brief

A Creative Brief is used to request creative branding for your project. We’d love to help you by coming up with a new or refreshed identity for your project. This can include the theme, title, design, and copy.

Most Creative Briefs take 2-4 weeks to complete and should be submitted 7 weeks before you'd like to begin promoting your event.

Promo Request

A Promo Request is used to ask for any type of promotional material for your project. This may include digital and print media, and copy.

In order to be properly processed, all Promo Requests must be submitted at least 7 weeks before you'd like to begin promoting your project or event if submitting with a Creative Brief. Please allow 6 weeks if submitted alone.

Product Request

A Product Request is used to ask for all kinds of products, for example, custom t-shirts, signs, booklets, mugs, and stickers! 

In order to be properly processed, all Product Requests must come in at least 6-10 weeks prior to product arrival date.

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